How to Choose Between Hourly Care, Daily Care, and Live-In Adult Home Care in Utah

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Adults who are elderly or disabled often require a little bit of help around the house in order to remain in their homes where they are most comfortable. The process of choosing and hiring a caregiver can be a difficult one for family members, though, which is why this article was written to help family members decide what type of caregiving services they should contract.

Hourly Care

Hourly care services are ideal for those that are in reasonably good health and do not pose a serious fall risk but are not capable of performing all daily tasks for themselves. Hourly caregivers can be hired to come in and help with household tasks such as cleaning and cooking or personal care tasks like bathing as often as needed. These caregivers then leave when their services are no longer required, allowing residents to maintain their privacy and independence.

Daily Care

Residents who need help with daily care tasks such as bathing, dressing, and cooking and require a good deal of help around the house may prefer daily care services. Daily caregivers are still typically paid by the hour, but they spend significantly more time with their clients. This can be a great help to those who require a good deal of care and companionship but do not have serious medical problems that would require them to be supervised around the clock.

Live-In Care

When contracting live-in caregiver services, clients can expect to work with two caregivers who are booked for their location in 24-hour periods. These caregivers are allowed eight-hour sleeping breaks and must be provided with beds, so live-in care is typically billed at a flat per-day rate. The primary advantages of hiring live-in caregivers are round-the-clock care for those who require constant supervision and help and consistency of caregivers, which allows clients to build a strong relationship with their care providers.

Get Started Now

The first step toward taking advantage of in-home care services is to choose a caregiver to work with. It’s always best to hire through an agency, as this will ensure that any caregivers being entrusted with the important task of watching over clients will have been adequately vetted prior to being hired. Find out more about one provider of Adult Home Care Utah residents love online today to get started.