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Reasons For The End Of The Daylight Saving.

The daylight saving time is a way which was invented to save the daylight during the second world war. The problem with this is that the impact is not just an hour of sleep lost. The impact is much bigger than we would like to admit. The impact is mostly low productivity and also it affects the cardiac rhythm. The impact is mostly seen on the quality of work that is produced on any particular day.

The are a lot effects of the daylight saving time. The body is no longer in a position to manufacture vitamin D and this will lead to some problems in the functioning of the body. This is going to affect the physical and mental capability of the person. It will also alter the sleeping pattern of the individuals. When this happens there will be a drag in the economy.

Employees are not productive if they are not allowed to sleep enough. This is seen especially when the saving daylight is starting. At this point injuries are going to be inevitable. There will be a spike in work-related injuries. There are also other injuries that are seen over these days that are followed by the time change. When this happens there will be a drag in the economy. This is because production is going to be at an all-time low.
The people who work are not the only ones who are affected by this. Students also suffer during this period and they are known to score the lowest during this period of time. The student who is in high schools are the ones who suffer the most. The daylight saving also greatly affects the health of individuals. This is mainly because of the changes in the times when people are exposed to sunlight. The production of melatonin is affected by the exposure to sunlight. The hormone that promotes sleep is known as melatonin. This in most case will lead to insomnia in most individuals.

The production of melatonin will take a while before it is adjusted over the period of time. It has been noted that heart attacks are had during this period. This daylight saving was introduced during the second world war as a way to measure save the fuel. The petition is being used to cancel this because it is said that there is no valid explanation that there is an energy being save at this point . It is the opposite because people tend to use more energy when it is hot using the air conditioner and the vice versa when it cold with heater.

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