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Techniques to Employ when Mowing Your Lawn

The appearance of your lawn depends on how you mow it. If you adopt the right lawn mowing techniques you will end up with a healthy lawn that is drought tolerant. Unhealthy lawn is a result of poor mowing techniques and practices. The best way to guarantee the best results is to adopt the right tools and pieces of equipment. It is advisable that you buy the modern pieces of machinery to achieve the best cut. Once you have the right tools you should have the right skills and knowledge. Here are some of the important techniques that you can adopt in the process of lawn mowing.

One of the practices that you should adopt to have a beautiful lawn is by avoiding scalp mowing. Cutting the grass some height above the surface is a technique that will hinder infestation by diseases and growth of weeds. The exposure of the weeds seeds to the atmosphere that is contributed by short grass will support germination. Sunlight will also be hindered from reaching the seeds if the grass is long. Scalping the grass also interfere with the growth of the roots and therefore increase the likelihood of drying during drought. Therefore, the height of the cut should be long enough to hinder germination of the seeds.

The pieces of equipment that you use should also be appropriate to the activities involved. The cutting edges should also be properly maintained and kept sharp. Having sharp edges will increase the likelihood of having a healthy lawn. If you use a dull blade, the cut edges will be jagged and uneven thereby retarding the growth of the grass. To avoid having brownish tips after the mowing process, you should ensure that edges are sharp Maintaining sharp edges can be achieved by removal of stones and refraining from cutting thick stems.

Another tips for successful lawn mowing is adjusting the mowing height during the growing season. The mowing height should be high during summer and short during winter. Short grass is more likely to dry during summer than long grass. If the grass is long the rate of evaporation of moisture in the atmosphere will be significantly reduced. The roots will also be long if the grass height is long.

Mowing should also be done when the grass is dry. In as much mowing when the grass has no severe effects, you will not be able to achieve the best results since it will clog the mower. After you are done with mowing, you should remove the grass from the ground. By adopting the practices, you will end up with a healthy lawn.

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